the cost of cars in new york city

injuries and deaths per day since Jan 1, 2024




This grid depicts the number of injuries in NYC resulting from motor vehicle accidents on a daily basis. The intensity of the darkness in each square corresponds to the number of injuries, with a black square symbolizing the tragic loss of one or more lives. Explore the impact by simply clicking any square to unveil more information. (data is not published on a daily basis and thus may be delayed)

the stats so far this year



As this rate, cars will injure 35,382 New Yorkers in 2024. This indicates that for every 223 individuals you encounter or cross paths with, at least one of them will experience injuries from a motor vehicle accident this year. If you were to spend a day in Times Square (f), you could estimate that 1,614 of the people you observe have either been injured already or will be injured this year.



At the current rate we will lose a total of 169 lives in 2024. That's 1.7 times more than London (2022) [d] and 3.8 times more than Paris (2021) [e].



Cost is based on the NHTSA report linked in the sources (b). This report aggregates data from 2019 and includes different aspects such as medical costs, infrastructure costs as well as loss of productivity. The values have been adjusted for inflation since 2019 as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (c). By no means does this reflect the actual value of a human life, this number simply depicts the raw financial cost of the conflict.

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